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About Kolhis


Kolhis was born under the shadow of experts and grew in distances before its establishment on May 29, 2017. From the very beginning, it produced the first of its kind in its region. UV printed foils produced under the Kolhis brand in the Trabzon production facilities are among the rare products that reach the fastest 100,000+ product variety on e-commerce websites. Despite being distinguished in the industry, Kolhis brand foils are also produced by different manufacturers under the same name. More importantly, this was achieved by three students from Karadeniz Technical University. Kolhis is bold and does not fit into molds!

As time passed, Kolhis discontinued the production of printed foils. The Greenguard certificate indicates that the products used in indoor activities meet the specified limit values for the efficiency of indoor air in terms of chemical substances. While Kolhis produces all its products with certified inks, it couldn’t afford to lose more power against competitors using solvent-based coatings.


Kolhis also quickly gained the status of being the only authorized company in its region to provide printed EVA laminated glass for elevators, approved by TSE Swing Test. It produced printed glasses that could reach a single-piece length of up to 3 meters 50 centimeters between kitchen countertops with the EVA lamination system, adorning kitchens.

While producing kitchen cutting glasses for e-commerce, Kolhis offered a guarantee of over 5000 machine washes, while its competitors could not provide double-digit washing guarantee, and did not neglect nature and humanity by complying with Greenguard conditions.

In 2018, Caitian Materials, a Chinese company capable of producing all temperable glass paints and raw materials worldwide, came to Kolhis with a proposal.

In its history, Kolhis became an expert in all processes from the production to the sale of temperable glass paints and met Caitian during this period.

The Caitian – Kolhis collaboration began by participating in the 2019 Istanbul Euro-Asia Glass Fair and quickly gained the attention of Turkish and Iranian glass processors. Starting to serve its customers processing glass in the automotive and white goods sector by meeting all the technical documents and demands, the duo started working with the most important OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass processors in the Middle East by the time 2023 arrived.

In Turkey, it became the first company to apply water-based systems against existing oil-based competitors in automotive glasses for silver hiding and press-bending systems. While conducting these operations, Kolhis assigned tasks and trained a university student in the processes. Kolhis does not neglect to open up space!

Home Appliance Glass and Coatings

Kolhis did not slow down. It specialized in glass processing over time and made new friends. Not only did it supply products to glass processing facilities, but it also transferred its experience in screen printing and roller coater printing methods to its customers, securing the quality of their products.

This trust prompted Tehran-based Taban Glass, a white goods glass manufacturer, to take action. The Kolhis and Taban partnership came to your homes and adorned your kitchens.

Mibya-mesh, a manufacturer of silk screens in Bursa, produced silk screens suitable for glass processors alongside the textile industry. They made an offer to Kolhis to enter the market. Today, along with Kolhis, they compete with European brands and have become capable of exporting to many countries. Kolhis is reliable.

Chinese company Foshan shunde native has a borosilicate glass production line and has managed to become one of the rare manufacturers capable of making borosilicate glass suitable for induction cooker glass worldwide. The Chinese manufacturer turned its eyes to the west, took a closer look, and made an offer to Kolhis. shunde native took its place at the Istanbul 2023 Euro-Asia Glass Fair with Kolhis.

Kolhis scans and questions its past, learns lessons from it. It organizes the present with diligence and awaits the future.