kolhis Heatmarker for Fireplace Glasses


Heatmarker for Fireplace Glasses
Heatmarker for Fireplace Glasses

HeatMarker brand provides a cutting-edge solution for fireplaces with its borosilicate glass technology. It boasts remarkable endurance, capable of continuous operation for up to 100,000 hours at 380°C. The glass maintains its exceptional impact resistance, ensuring long-term clarity without any discoloration or yellowing. This not only guarantees a clear view of the fireplace but also enhances the overall aesthetic. Furthermore, the glass effectively isolates harmful gases, making the environment safer.

Its high temperature resistance and durability mean that it won’t shatter under pressure, simplifying the components needed for traditional heating facilities. With HeatMarker, you’re getting a reliable, long-lasting, and technologically advanced solution for fireplaces.

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