kolhis Advanced Textiles for Screen Printing

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Advanced Textiles for Screen Printing

Advanced Textiles for Screen Printing
Advanced Textiles for Screen Printing

Our products are utilized in vital fields like healthcare, automotive, aviation, and common essentials. In our daily routines, Mibya products play a significant role.

Screen printing onto glass stands out as the favored printing technique for both ornamental and utilitarian purposes in automotive glass, architectural glass, household glass, as well as what are commonly referred to as ‘white goods’ and hollow glassware.

Screen printing on glass is a captivating yet exacting endeavor. What other material offers such adaptability and versatility? Due to its extensive range, glass necessitates a pragmatic and effective approach to printing for embellishment and the application of utilitarian components. Thanks to their remarkable reproducibility and quality, Mibya’s screen printing meshes confer distinct economic advantages. They simplify and expedite stencil production, optimizing the printing process with precision tailored to your requirements and the high expectations of your clientele. This package always encompasses the expert counsel and assistance of Mibya’s global support team.

Due to the harmonious interplay among the longstanding domains of textiles, glass, and graphics, MIBYA persists in pioneering, enhancing, and perfecting its product excellence, all the while upholding a competitive pricing structure. This feat is accomplished through the utilization of cutting-edge fibers and state-of-the-art production systems. Our textiles empower us to apply a diverse range of inks, consistently achieving optimal outcomes.

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