kolhis Glass Enamels for Home Appiliances

Glass Enamels for Home Appiliances
Glass Enamels for Home Appiliances

Your oven and stove are the workhorses of your kitchen, tasked with enduring and maintaining the searing heat necessary for perfecting your culinary creations. Equally, your kitchen allies – from the steadfast refrigerator to the efficient dishwasher, and the beloved small appliances like tea kettles and coffee makers – should not only deliver in function but also present an aesthetic that complements their utility, adding an extra touch of elegance to your culinary haven

Caitian enamels and coatings exhibit superior resistance to bacterial proliferation compared to alternative finishes for home appliances. They also demonstrate high resistance to thermal shock, enabling them to endure elevated temperatures for extended durations.

In addition, our coatings possess robust scratch resistance as well as resilience against acids and alkalis. They can be engineered to embody diverse properties, including pyrolytic characteristics, or to furnish a low-maintenance surface for oven tops or cavities.

These coatings not only meet the functional requisites of the industry but also deliver a level of durability akin to stainless steel while offering a more cost-effective option. This affords manufacturers the opportunity to craft appliances that are both aesthetically pleasing and in vogue.

Glass Enamels for Home Appiliances

The 24000 series of lead-free colors for flat glass are engineered to cater to a diverse range of applications, including appliance glass, shower cabinets, internal glass doors, partitions, and various types of glass furniture such as tabletops, kitchen cabinets, oven doors, and display cabinets, in addition to architectural glass like spandrel panels.

The 24000 Series flat glass enamels offer a blendable color palette, allowing for seamless mixing with other intermediates within the same color series, resulting in an extensive spectrum of colors. This flexibility empowers decorators to create customized shades, ensuring optimal productivity while keeping inventory levels to a minimum.

Furthermore, 24000 series enamels meet the requirements set by ROHS regulation.

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